Step 2: Installing Equipment

If you have ordered an installation hardware kit from us, you will not need to source these parts.  If you haven’t, start looking for:

2″ Panduit (enough length to match the length of cards)
#4 x 5/8″ screws (pan head) (5 per card)
#6 x 1/2″ screws (pan head) (1 per fuse)
#8 x 1″ screws (two per grounding block)
#16 hookup wire in various lengths (at least red and black)
8 conductor shielded cable for data jumpers between rows
Fuse Blocks for NEC compliance
Fast-Blow 6A Fuses
Fast-Blow 1A Fuses
Crimp Tool (.156 spacing, Molex Brand)
Crimp Tool (.100 spacing, Molex Brand)
Small Zip Ties (4″)
Medium Zip Ties (10″)
Square-D Ground Blocks (at least 10 spaces)
MIDI Jack Apparatus
One Roll 1″ Blue Masking Tape (3M Brand preferred)
Fine Tip BLACK Sharpie Permanent Marker (not blue)
Two Sided Velcro Straps (optional)

If you have ordered an installation hardware kit from us, make sure all those items are included in it.

Decide where the cards will get mounted.  Pick a location that is easy to run wires to/from and also easy to access for programming the system.  Keep in mind where the console is installed in the church and that the location needs to be accessible there as well for any future programming needs.

Cut the panduit into sections of 10 fingers (this should be the a length slightly shorter than a card, and the “slots” between the “fingers” should line up perfectly with the headers on the cards.

Lay out the cards where you think they might go, and tape them in place with the blue masking tape.  Tape the panduit conduit above each card.

Lay out the grounding bars (these will hold all the +12V and 0V wires).  Try to pick a location where a single metal item dropped (such as a paperclip or quarter) will not short them together.  Separation of 6″ is ideal.  Tape in place.

Lay out the fuse blocks near the +12 bar.  Tape in place.

Study the layout you have just made.  Will it be easy to wire to this location?  Will it be easy to reach each pin with a volt meter to troubleshoot?  Easy to check fuses?  Will it look presentable?

If satisfied with the layout, start attaching items with screws.  Make dead sure that the panduit is in a straight length, otherwise when cutting the lids, they won’t attach correctly.  Mount 3 velcro straps per piece of panduit if desired.

Begin creating wiring harness for power wiring.  Each card gets its own fuse, 1A for input cards, controller cards, and dual pot cards.  6A for driver cards.