Step 4: Configuring The System

One of the most common sources of problems and of inquiry regards the order that a config file must have entries and the contents. ┬áThis page provides a block diagram of what order various “sections” should be. ┬áBy following this guideline, operations will be quickest and require the least (or no) amount of troubleshooting.


Opening Comments

Opening configuration declarations
- Memory mapping, combination mapping
- Special C/A formatting contraints (reversed coil wiring, 8-Block wiring, etc.)
- Menu Options
–Digital Tuning
–MIDI Selects
–Pizz/Reit Timers
–SC Config/Setups
–SC Pedals Diagnostics
–SC Keying Diagnostics
–RS Data TX/RX
–Attached Display?
–Show Cresc_step on Display?
–Show Transposer on Display?
–C/A Active?
–Piston Transposing?
–Crescendo Enabled?

Read Input Cards

Map Input Cards
– Including any rollers for expression/controllers

MIDI Inputs

Combination Action Items
–Stop Reversables (Single-Tab, East Coast) (ie Swell-Pedal Reversable Button)
–Pushbutton Stops (Reversable Stops) (ie Swell MIDI lit piston)

Analog Inputs (from dual_pot cards)

MIDI Expression Merging


Drive C/A Coils

Drive Lamp Outputs

Drive Pipes

Card Output Statements

Custom Display Message (Welcome Screen)